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Our plain colour epoxy coating utilises durable commercial grade epoxy resin to create a seamless, hard wearing coating.

With the choice of 6 standard colours. Hundreds of custom tinted colours and optional non slip. This system is a great choice for those who want a simple, clean and easy to maintain floor.

Plain colour coatings are suited to indoor areas.

Plain Colour


Our ever popular half flake epoxy floors are at flake flooring, system, consisting of a background colour and a light or partial flake broadcast.

Comprised of commercial grade resin, our half lake finishes create an all round balance of aesthetics and durability.

With a less busy look than traditional full flake floors and a glass like finish these floors, give the ultimate depth at an unbeatable price point.

Half flake coatings are suited to indoor areas.

Plain Colour


The traditional flake floor. Following the same process as the half flake finish, much more flake is broadcasted into the wet, epoxy coating creating full coverage.

Full flakes are a rough texture in comparison with half flake or plain and have an orange peel like texture.

Full flake coatings are suited to indoor and outdoor areas and exhibit excellent UV, resistance, and durability.

Plain Colour

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